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Figs, Vines & Roses By Joy M Lilley

Hello Everyone,

Joy M Lilley is a faithful member of RRBC. She is also an engaging writer who doesn’t mind sharing what is on her heart. It is a pleasure to have her on my blog today.

Drop in and say hello.

Shalom aleichem

Chapter 4 Snippet:

Rose was a married woman who had given birth to eight children, of whom only six had survived; the other two had died soon after they were born. She tried to wear the trousers in the family, which was unusual, as the men were the ones to be obeyed. Hard as she tried, she was not successful in that endeavour, even though her husband stayed out of her way most of the time. 

Rose would not be bullied. One day at work, a man came along to give her a hand, and made the mistake of insulting her size. ‘You’re built more like a man than a woman and that is the only reason you got this job in the first place,’ he taunted. She rose to her full height of five feet seven inches and knocked him clean off his feet. As he fell, his head hit the ground and he ended up with a six-inch gash across the back of it.

 News of what had happened travelled fast through the factory, and no man ever crossed her again. Most of them were afraid of her after the events of that day and treated her with much respect.When Ralph heard of the incident, he called her into his office, asking what had gotten into her. 


My pen name is Joy M. Lilley (aka Joy Gerken).  I am a writer and have been writing seriously since 2011 with seven books published to date. My previous career was as a trained nurse [R.G.N.] which I loved but it offered little time for me to write until my retirement.

I joined Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC) almost 6 years ago and have been amazed by the friendship and support offered by all.

FIGS, VINES & ROSES was the first novel produced by me. I paid a considerable sum to have it edited at the time. This proved not to be adequate for a number of reasons.  Several folks in RRBC commented about the need for further editing, and when that number reached three people, I felt it necessary to do something about it.

It was recently re-edited by 4WillsPublishing Nonnie kindly offered to help me with the extra work at zero cost.  It’s been re-released on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats. If you took a stab at the first version, I would appreciate it if you would reach out to Amazon for the updated version and give it another go.  

I promote my work via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I also pay for promotion. I am ever grateful for the amazing support given by the members of RRBC. I enjoy audio recording short stories on my advanced home equipment, and I now offer voice-over work through Fiverr. 


Twitter:  @JoyGerken:  https://twitter.com/joygerken

FIGS, VINES & ROSES on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Figs-Vines-Roses-Family-Saga-ebook/dp/B09SWR3D7Z

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  1. What a great post Pat. Nice of you to host. Joy this cover is perfect for Spring.

    1. Hi Rox,
      Thank you for coming by. Yes, I agree. Joy’s excerpts on this tour are excellent.
      Have a lovely Sunday.
      Shalom aleichem

  2. Another interesting excerpt…Rose must had made an impression to keep the other males in check. Thank you, too, Ms. Pat for featuring Joy on your excellent website. Good luck on the rest of your blog tour, Joy!

    1. Good Morning, John,
      Thank you so much for coming by and supporting Joy on her re launch of Figs, Vines & Roses.
      Have a great day.
      Shalom aleichem

  3. Hey Joy! Sometimes you do have to do some serious searching because finding a good editor can be a huge task. Most of us are familiar with the need. Good luck!

    1. Good Morning, Shirley,
      Thank you so much for supporting Joy on her blog tour. You’re so right! Finding a good time fit or is no easy task.
      Have a great day.
      Shalom aleichem

  4. Glad you’re doing this tour because members will get to know you.

    1. Good Morning, Lady Harriet,
      Thank you for supporting Joy on her blog your. Yes, it is very nice getting to know Joy. I am enjoying the ride.
      Have a great day.
      Shalom aleichem

  5. Thank you, Pat, for sharing the post about Joy and her revised book, “Figs, Vines, & Roses.” Joy has been a delight to know in the family of RRBC authors. It has been fun reading her excerpts as part of the tour.

    1. Hello Linnea,
      Thank you for coming by. Yes, it is a delight reading her excerpts. I am curious about the entire book and will read it.
      Have a lovely day.
      Shalom aleichem

  6. Congrats and best wishes on the tour, Joy. Your post is a great shout out for your revised novel. Shine on! Figs, Vines & Roses is on my kindle!

    1. Hi Bette,
      Thank you so much for dropping by. Yes, I agree. Joy’s post is a great shout out for her revised novel.
      Wishing you all the best.
      Shalom aleichem

  7. Nice spot to break, Joy! I’m picking up a copy. I can’t wait to hear what Ralph has to say to Rose. Thanks for hosting, Pat.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Thank you so much for dropping by. It’s my pleasure to host RRBC whenever I can.
      Have a great day.
      Shalom aleichem

    1. Hi Yvette,
      Thank you for dropping by. I’ve purchased the book and look forward to getting into it this weekend.
      Have a great day.
      Shalom aleichem

  8. Pat, thank you for hosting Joy. I remember her book being featured on the RRBC spotlight and how graciously she took the constructive criticism. Now I’m pleased to see that Nonnie has helped with the finishing touches at no extra fee. Wonderful! Figs, Vines, and Roses goes on my TBR list. Congratulations, Joy! 😀

    1. Good Morning, Marian,
      Yes, it is truly amazing how helpful RRBC as a group of writers is and how supportive our President is. She doesn’t hesitate to reach out to any of the writers in the RRBC or in RWISA. We at RRBC are blessed. I too am excited for Joy. She’s a champion for going through the tough procedure of re-editing a book.
      Have a great day.
      Shalom aleichem

    2. Thank you Marian,yes,I still have much to learn about the written word and it’s grammar.I was at school so long ago and have forgotten quite a lot.I shall get better with the help of folk like you.Thank you.

    1. Good Morning, Robbie,
      Thank you for dropping by. Yes, it is an intriguing tale. I am reading the book now.
      Have a great day.
      Shalom aleichem

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