An Excerpt from a non-fiction work still in progress.

Viewpoint: A Commentary, October 7, 2016

People, we need to ponder over a few situations.

Monday, the Germans celebrated the German Independence Day. For the first time in years, people were yelling, shouting, some screaming, Go back to where you came. We don’t want you here, to Chancellor Merkel. What does that remind you of?

Hungary rejected the resolution not to accept a refugee quota; their President has not changed and moved into a position of tolerance. What does that mean?

Two world powers cannot agree about Syria and how the endless slaughter of innocent children and adults should end. They do not trust each other. So, these two countries, the United States and Russia have suspended peace talks. What are they telling us?

The majority of the people (50.21 percent) rejected the peace contract with the FARC in Colombia. Has forgiveness lost it appeal? What happens next?

Refugees are on the run in cities where they have been resettled: barbwire fences are coming up; cultures are battling against each other, doing their best to keep the refugees out.

What am I saying?

Where there is no vision, no room for forgiveness, and no compassion, people perish.

Shalom aleichem,





Pat Garcia


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