DAY 5, JANUARY 6, 2023

Good Morning,

I ended my day well yesterday. I’m always happy when I can break a mold of rigidity that has secretly formed in my life and is unknowingly keeping me from who I am. Vulnerability is a trait I desire. It is not something you acquire only once because it consists of different processes. Once you open yourself to vulnerability, you have committed to change whenever you feel stagnation in your routine. 

I smiled as I looked at my list of things to do this morning. I have two more important things to do, and I put them at the top of my list. 

  1. Get in touch with the person who donated the prize I won for my WEP win.
  2. Do my grocery shopping and go to the bakery. 
  3. I’ve changed my journal back to DAY One, and I want to transfer my journal notes from Evernote to DAY One.
  4. Bring in enough wood that will last me until Tuesday for my fireplace. 
  5. I’ve already communicated with my developmental coach and will send her the first 10K for the second novel in my series. She is a godsend because I get wild in my writing. I first met her in a class. She was instructing a writing class on Deep Point of View. My first assignment was one I’ll always remember. Oh, did I come away with hurt feelings and pained feet. She had stepped on my toes, but I forced myself to stay in the class. Little did I know that this woman would become a dear friend. Nor did I know then that she was responding to me from a bank as I stood in the middle of a river trying to find my true self in my writing. I see it now, but I didn’t see it then. She was standing there saying let me help you get to where you want to go with your writing. She’s a tough person but has a big heart, and as I look back, I’m thankful I stayed in her class. Thus, today, I’m going to pop two or three bowls of popcorn and continue writing the first draft of my second novel. 
  6. Close my day out with some gooseberries and a glass (maybe even two glasses) of dry, red wine from Southern Italy, and look at my fire as my mind roam freely, putting this past week in containers so I can close up shop Saturday evening. 

Happy Friday, everyone. Have a good one. 

Shalom aleichem

Pat Garcia

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    1. Good Morning, Nonnie,
      I’m laughing. Who else will do it if I don’t bring in my wood? Since this war, I have gone back to hanging my wash out to dry, and like Abigail Adams, I hang them up in my Georgia Room (Patio) since it is glassed in and keeps my clothes from freezing. I still used my washing machine, but not my dryer. Electricity is too expensive since the shortage over here. I wash my dishes instead of putting them in my dishwasher. And when I have heat, I only heat the room I am in. But now that I have heat in my bathroom, I have it on the lowest notch so my pipes won’t freeze. I can make a long list of things I thought I couldn’t do or couldn’t do without and have found out that I could.
      Have a nice day, my dear, and thank you for dropping by.
      Shalom aleichem

  1. I’ve tried to write using the deep point of view, and I found it to be challenging. My first series is written in third person, while my new series is first person with a deeper point of view. I can only handle one deep POV at a time but not the ultimate deep POV without any dialogue tags and so on.

    1. Hello, Susanne,
      Keep trying and you will get it. It took me some time to get it also. Just hang in there.
      Have a lovely day.
      Shalom Aleichem

  2. Hi Pat, I’m praying my comments go through today! By the way, I really like what you said about vulnerability. I can honestly say that once I gave myself permission to be vulnerable, this opened the door for my being completely authentic with others. This is critically important, I believe, because vulnerability and authenticity are key attributes to have when it comes to helping others. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more important than supporting our fellow humans! : )

    Many blessings,
    Donna M Atwood
    D M Atwood

    1. Hello Donna,
      I believe great writers (and I am not saying that I am a great writer) have a vulnerability that gravitates people to them. That is just my opinion.
      Have a lovely day and thank you for coming by.
      Shalom aleichem

  3. You have a way with words, Pat! I love your descriptions and wish I could put words together like that. This is the second friend you’ve described who you didn’t like at first. Isn’t it wonderful how, when you dig a little deeper, you find the treasures they truly are? One of my greatest pleasures is discovering the truth about people. Not what people say about them, not from first impressions, but who they truly are. Most are undiscovered gems. A few, very few, are best turned away from. Enjoy your treasures! Blessings!


  4. Something odd happened as I was typing a few second ago. Maybe an incomplete comment was submitted accidentally.

    Like you, I am a list-maker. Lists rein in the scattered tendrils of my life. If I follow the items, I won’t forget something important. One detail in your list is the amount of money you sent in to you developmental editor. I have found that developmental editing is a cornerstone of good book publication. I like these lines; “putting this past week in containers so I can close up shop Saturday evening.”

    You are well into Saturday now. God bless you, Pat!

    1. Pat, I hope I am posting in the right place, I got a bit confused on here. Your posts are always thought-provoking and this is no exception. How wonderful that you have the humility to avail yourself of expert writing help. I find my editors always show me new things and spur me to improve. Not all writers may take to correction or criticism well, though. Your openness to that sure shows in your elegant writing!

      1. Hello, Maura Beth,
        My point of view is truly that no man is an island. I have a few people that walk with me on the way, and I’m thankful for that.
        Have a lovely day.
        Shalom aleichem

  5. Woman!!! You are so deep: “she was responding to me from a bank as I stood in the middle of a river trying to find my true self” and “putting this past week in containers so I can close up shop Saturday evening.”

    How dare you just toss of phrases like these? You are a descriptive writing Master! Stay warm, enjoy your weekend; but you must post to this blog Saturday and Sunday.

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