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Turned over in bed this morning and noticed the sun had not yet risen. It reminded me that the earth is rotating slowly as it prepares my part of the world for the engulfing winter months ahead. Autumn is here; the more we move out of it, the cooler it gets. The temperature in my bedroom made me aware that winter patiently stood at the door, waiting to enter, and I covered my head and snoozed for fifteen minutes before I got up.  

The seasons of the year we humans cannot change, and I’m happy about that. Our man-controlled abusive interference with nature is limited to manipulating the time so that we gain an hour in summer, and the day is longer, but we get that hour back in winter, making the days long, dark, and sometimes dreary.

The environment is a mystery. Its wonders are secrets hidden in the pockets of the Heavens. This morning, I had the opportunity to snooze for fifteen minutes and then the pleasure of seeing the Heavens light up and unfold as the sun rose, and for that, I Am Thankful.

Have a lovely week, everyone!

Shalom shalom

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11 thoughts on “TRULY, I’M THANKFUL By Pat Garcia @pat_garcia @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA #WritingCommunity @TheIWSG #RomanceReaders #bloggers”

  1. Hi, Pat! Your lovely reflections of the coming winter and the pleasure of sleeping in and seeing the sunrise made my day. Since I’m not a fan of winter, I’m happy to live in a place where the only real indication of changing seasons is the waning daylight, and those few and far-between days when a cool front drops the humidity and slightly cools the atmosphere. Our winter starts late and ends early, and the coldest it gets is in the 40s Fahrenheit during a few scattered nights. I miss the changing colors of Fall, and I hope you get to enjoy them to the fullest. The true winter you get in Germany has its own beauty despite the cold, and I’m happy for you that you can experience it. Your post reminded me that within each season, we live only one day at a time, and what a joy it is to sleep in a few minutes and see the sunrise.

    1. Good Afternoon, Patty,
      Thank you, Patty. I don’t usually take the time to sleep in. My body wakes and says it is time to rise. Yesterday morning was special. It seemed like all was right with the world, and I wanted to enjoy it. I hear you when it comes to winter. I don’t care for winter at all.
      I love the way you gave a bit of wisdom at the end of your comment because what you said is so true. Within each season, we live only one day at a time. This is so true, and when we realize that, each day becomes more valuable than a pot of gold.
      Take care, my friend.
      Shalom shalom

  2. My sister-in-law Betty and niece Shakeeta visited us this weekend. We were thrilled to see each other again: 5 years have passed since my brother’s funeral. Yes, thankful for that visit and the fact that temps are no longer roasting us in Florida.

    Oh, and grateful to be featured on RRBC’s Zoom call this weekend. I am honored, Pat! 😀

    1. Good Afternoon, Marian,
      Thank you for visiting. I can feel the excitement of seeing your sister-in-law and niece. Time goes by so quickly. I have told my family that I won’t stay away as long as I did the last time. Although it could not be avoided, it was long.

      Marian, our small team, was happy to feature your book on our show. I really enjoy working with this team. We do our best to make the authors from RRBC shine in their truth and diligence in their writing.

      Also, I have just received the approval from Amazon, Germany. My review is live there.
      Take care.
      Shalom shalom

      1. Pat, I just checked and I don’t see your review from Germany. Maybe it takes a little while to “migrate” from there to the US. Thanks again! 😀

  3. Thank you for your poetic prose. That’s what I would call your lovely blog post this a m. Glad we have the choice of allowing us a little extra time for snoozing. Enjoy your day!

    1. Good Afternoon, JQ,
      Thank you for visiting, and thank you for the lovely compliment. I really do like writing in the morning hours. It awakens so much within me.
      Wishing you a lovely week.
      Shalom shalom

    1. Good Evening, Karen,
      Thank you for dropping by. Yes, I understand why people love the autumn months because I love them too, but I am not a friend of winter. Enjoy your favorite season. I am happy for you.
      Shalom shalom

  4. What a lovely start to my day you gave me, Pat, as I read your words, so beautifully crafted, and envisioned the start to my own day. It is rainy and grey here, due to a hurricane winding its way up our coast, but still the morning has beauty in it. Thank you and enjoy your day!

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