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Breakfield and Burkey like lively, believable banter between characters. We took an instance between Gracie and her twin brother JJ to help the reader know they gently tease now and then but genuinely care for each other in this deadly sleuthing game of digital cat and mouse. JJ and Gracie are seasoned pros who know their trade but are new in their leadership roles for CATS and R-Group. They know what they must look for and the next steps of covert detective work. They are uncertain of the end game and the risks. Mentors can’t teach their wards how to handle every threat they will encounter, but they can teach them how to think. Stumbling into new important roles teaches the young heirs how to adapt their thinking and change direction. Gracie’s role is to orchestrate digital covert operations to help people. JJ’s role is to provide operator support at ground level to the problems Gracie needs help with. They must be decisive and calculating because the criminals they are up against are cold and ruthless.Listen to how she and JJ conduct a planning session in this YouTube segment:


BOOK BLURB:The clock is ticking … can Gracie uncover the truth?Phillip Pliant is the wealthy opportunist plastics dealer and CEO of Pliant Industries. He’s also a master thief—creating a pervasive threat to the manufacturing infrastructure in the Caribbean islands markets. With the cartel as his stealth client, the naïve city leaders have been seduced, enabling the production of more than 3-dimentional building materials.

And set the stage for massive chaos and destruction.

Pliant has locked up contracts, assets, and control of any future expansion. His contacts and clients salivate over their probable financial reward—the expected profits are monstrous.

Is the R-Group, now led by Gracie and the family heirs, strong enough to win against this predator? Can JJ’s CATS (Cyber Assassin Technology Services) act on the root-cause analysis in time?

  • Will the R-Group and CATS sabotage Pliant’s plan before it’s too late?
  • Can Jeff and Keith use their covert skills to put the bad guys away for good?
  • Will Gracie be able to squash Pliant and the cartels?

Can the chain of islands survive the underhanded tactics and threats?

Gracie never considered that their lives would hang between winning and losing. Will the devious plot be uncovered in time? The clock is ticking. Five … four … three …

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