DAY 11, JANUARY 12, 2023, A DAY IN MY LIFE…SNIPPETS OF ME By Pat Garcia @pat_garcia @RRBC_ORG @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RWISA #RRBC_Community #RRBC #ADayinMyLife

DAY 11, JANUARY 12, 2023

My morning started with bangs! I woke up to rain. While dressing, I heard the waste disposal workers picking up the yellow bags we use to dispose of our plastic trash. They come once every two weeks and usually come around eight a.m. The fact that they arrived early had a consequence for me. I packed my bag the evening before but decided to wash my dishes before taking my yellow bag out to the sidewalk to be picked up. I decided to do it when I went downstairs in the early morning. Well, surprise! the workers came early, and now I have to store my plastic trash bag away and wait for the next pick-up in two weeks.  

It was still very dark when I went downstairs, but I could see a tiny bit of light breaking through clouds. One of my high points is watching the daylight peek into full daybreak. I can feel the earth turning. 

An hour later, I reached into my fridge for the butter that sat on one of my favorite glass dishes I keep in the refrigerator to use whenever I need to store something. Pang!!! It went as it fell to the floor. Broken glass and splitters everywhere. I said thank you that it didn’t fall on my feet, and I got my broom to sweep up the chaos. 

I got my coffee, ate breakfast, and read three chapters of an audiobook I am reading. I read non-fiction when I have breakfast. It is incredible to me how writers of non-fiction catch my mind and bring me into their world. Like being in a classroom, I absorb what they are saying and learn much. 

Now I’m sitting at my Mac, and I’m chuckling. I look forward to the rest of my day. Do you remember me mentioning that my hairdresser was ill and had to postpone my appointment? It was on my to-do list from the first week of the Challenge. Yesterday, I got a WhatsApp message that I could come today. So, where will I be in the afternoon? I will be spoiling myself, YEAH!

Congratulations to all of you participating in the Challenge, A DAY IN MY LIFE! We made the ten-day mark yesterday. HURRAH!!! I’m cheering for us all to make it to the finish line.  Here’s my certificate. I know you received yours.

I’m going to follow Ms. Nonnie’s leading, the woman responsible for this Challenge, and close with one of my favorite quotes on my whiteboard, right next to my desk, by one of my mentors, Vincent Lombardi, who passed away some years ago. 


Have a lovely day.

Shalom aleichem

Pat Garcia

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  1. Your quote had my thinking about why I was doing the blogging challenge. Was it for the possible reward at the end? No, it isn’t since I don’t expect to win any awards. What keeps pushing me forward each day to write an article is my drive to become a better writer. And to achieve this, I must keep writing every day. And after this challenge, I challenge myself to write my book every day, whether I feel like it or not.

  2. Pat, I don’t have my certificate, and don’t have time to investigate. When the funeral is over I can take a deep breath and find out.

    We recycle plastics but I don’t think the effort is all that successful. We recycle and Canada was dumping all their trash over here. Don’t know what happened with that but willing to bet the problem is still with us.

  3. Hi, Pat. I loved your description: “One of my high points is watching the daylight peek into full daybreak. I can feel the earth turning.” You handled the opening salvo and broken glass with grace, and you deserve the pampering at your hairdresser’s. Blessings!

  4. Pat, I definitely would not be so calm in the midst of commotion. That is a special trait you should be proud of. I remember in my working days how I would get really upset when priorities and projects changed too quickly. Nowadays, I say whatever…

  5. Never a dull moment, Pat! Even the little surprises remind us to stay awake. My sister and her husband showed up here (finally) this morning at 8:30! They live 1,000 miles away now. They’ve been in town for a week and I finally got to see them. I wasn’t up or dressed. Hubby was up but not presentable. Someone called our landline at 3 AM! You never know what’s going to happen in this world to wake us up! Have a great time pampering yourself. You deserve it.

  6. You usually accentuate the positive, Pat. I notice that you swept up the damage with the butter dish (with gratitude) and went on to enjoy the prospect of a hair appointment. Sounds just like you! 😀

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