DAY 16, JANUARY 17, 2023, A DAY IN MY LIFE…SNIPPETS OF ME By Pat Garcia @pat_garcia @RRBC_RWISA, RRBC_Org @Tweets4RWISA #RRBC #RWISA #RRBC_Community #ADayinMyLife

DAY 16, JANUARY 17, 2023, Housecleaning and Writing

As a writer, I measure my writing time like sand flowing through an hourglass. The phrase, like sand flowing through an hourglass, comes from the soap opera Days Of Our Lives, which premiered on television on November 8, 1965. I watched that show religiously until…, but that’s another story. 

Let’s get back to housecleaning. I used to feel guilty because my house was not spic and span, with everything in order and windows so clean that you could see into your neighbor’s living room.

Then, a few years ago, I took an intensive writing class similar to this Challenge. The instructor came into our online course the day before it started and left a suggestion report that she said was essential that we read before we got started. In that three-page report, she advised us that if we were planning on sticking with her class until the ending date, we would have to decide if we would be actual writers or live in a spic and span house and not give all our attention to writing. She went on and then told us how she managed housecleaning and writing. Her central premise was that you’re not superwoman, and you’re not supposed to be that, so figure out your budget and find someone you trust to help you keep your house clean once a week or once every two weeks. It’s up to you. 

I would have never thought about hiring someone to keep my house clean because my pride demanded that I do everything. I quickly realized that I had a problem with pride, which stemmed from my overrated view of myself. Once I dealt with that hideous woman hiding behind the superwoman cloak and got help, guilt concerning my house became a thing of the past. 

Since then, I’ve had someone who comes in twice a month and cleans. The only exception was during COVID. I’m now looking at an agency that can fulfill my need for help twice a month since the trustworthy lady I had, stopped working. If that agency meets my conditions, I’ll be smiling.

My list to complete this week:

  1. I’m revising the first 10K of my new novel. It usually takes me at least four to six days to fix 10K. I like to send her what I call my final draft so that she understands the direction I’m moving in.
  2. I have a letter to write. I had decided to wait until after the Challenge, but my gut is telling me to do it now, which is what I will do. 
  3. Answering emails and text messages, Daily
  4. Attend my writing classes and do my homework,
  5. Catch up on blog comments,
  6.  Do the accounting books for the Romantic Women Fiction Chapter of the RWA.
  7. Drove to Aschaffenburg to pick up my prescription. (completed this morning)
  8. Took my dirty clothes to my washroom to be washed. (completed this morning)

Have a lovely Tuesday.

Shalom aleichem

Pat Garcia

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  1. I’d given up my spic and span house the day I decided to stop being a perfectionist. I have someone clean once a week, and what isn’t done isn’t done. I stay up late at night writing, promoting my books, and reading articles about improving my writing. There isn’t enough hours in a day to do everything perfectly. So don’t stress.

    1. Hi Susanne,
      Thank you. I think that was my problem too. Trying to be a perfectionist. I feel much much better just being me.
      Thank you for coming by.
      Shalom aleichem

  2. Pat, I thought I commented on here yesterday, but it’s not here. Somewhere in space, I suppose. I love the idea of getting cleaning help and have been thinking about it. Good for you for freeing up more time for your writing!

  3. Hi, Pat! For the most part, Bill and I keep the house clean. Having a partner certainly does help. Right now, I’m in the midst of packing up Christmas (still), so every flat surface is covered with packing materials and stuff to pack away. Bill is really good about helping more with housekeeping when I’m writing. I’ve often thought about hiring a cleaning service, but current finances being what they are, it’s still just a thought.


  4. I’ve absolutely had to give up on a clean house as I try to keep up visiting other blogs while creating my own posts and pushing my memoir manuscript to the finish line.

    My house is probably the dirtiest it’s ever been, and I care but not to the degree that I kill myself trying to keep up with it all. I have decided to spot clean. Yesterday I vacuumed the cloth lampshades which had been throwing out dust when I accidentally knocked on them. I feel good about that. 😀

    1. Hi, Marian,
      At the moment, I spot clean too and I make sure my three bathrooms and kitchen are clean.
      I don’t feel bad about spit cleaning. I too care. I care enough to hire a cleaning lady and that is caring.
      Thanks for coming by.
      Shalom aleichem

  5. I used to watch DOOL religiously as well. I even learned sign language because one of the characters became deaf and started signing. Lol! I’ve tried to have cleaning ladies, but they never last. Maybe I’ll look into an agency. Until then, my son and I split the duties. I have a Roomba that keeps the floors clean, so that helps.

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

    1. Hi, Yvette,
      I’m happy for you that you have your son. When two people are living in the home, it’s not such a burden with help.
      I know that because before my husband got sick, he and I divided the duties. In fact, he did more than I did and freed me so that I could write.
      I don’t know what a Roomba is. Maybe they have them here but Germany is always a few years behind the USA. I look forward to having my cleaning lady.
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Shalom aleichem

  6. Hi, Pat! I cut my cleaning service down to a quarterly deep cleaning, but I find that I’m not managing in between times like I thought I would. I’ve been threatening to call them to come in, everyday. Maybe your post is the motivation I needed.

    What is a washroom! Is it like an American laundry room?

    1. Hi, Linda,
      Yes, we call it s washroom. You see, I didn’t even hunk of calling it a laundry room.😊
      I come clear with having a cleaning woman twice a month because I am good at keeping things up. Besides that I wash my dishes, clean my bedroom and wash my clothes myself.
      The wash is easy because my laundry room is right next to my office.
      Thank you for dropping by.
      Shalom aleichem 🤗👧🏾✌🏾

  7. Except for the kitchen and the bathroom, cleaning is not at the top of my priority list. Have a lovely day, Pat!

    1. Hi, Karen,
      Good for you. At the moment, I concentrate on kitchen and my bathrooms. I Hope to have help again soon.
      Thank you for dropping by my friend.
      Shalom aleichem 🤗👧🏾✌🏾

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