DAY 15, JANUARY 16, 2023, A DAY IN MY LIFE…SNIPPETS OF ME By Pat Garcia @pat_garcia @RRBC_ORG @RRRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RWISA #RRBC_Community #RRBC #ADayinMyLife

DAY 15, JANUARY 16, 2023

I let myself slip slowly into Mondays. I didn’t think I could do that by participating in this Challenge. This morning, I discovered that I’m adjusting. Falling into the week by starting slow on Mondays is still there for me and I’m smiling.

I prefer to avoid being hectic or rushing, especially on Mondays. So, I’ve meditated, had breakfast, read the preface and first chapter of a new book, and taken a forty minutes nap before I came to my office. I admit that I avoid people who start their week with hectic and a million demands they must do immediately. 

I’ve learned that avoiding such people prevents me from having headaches and stomach ulcers. Was I always this way? Definitely not! It took searching within myself as I read books that gave me the strength to change. That’s why I like good non-fiction books. They cause you to do a soul check on yourself.  

My list for this week will grow. There are items that I still need to add. So, I’m starting with what I have.

  1. I’m revising the first 10K of my new novel. It usually takes me at least four to six days to fix 10K. I like to send her what I call my final draft so that she understands the direction I’m moving in.
  2. I have a letter to write. I had decided to wait until after the Challenge, but my gut is telling me to do it now, which is what I will do. 
  3. Answering emails and text messages, Daily
  4. Attend my writing classes and do my homework,
  5. Catch up on blog comments,
  6.  Do the accounting books for the Romantic Women Fiction Chapter of the RWA.

Have a lovely Monday.

Shalom aleichem

Pat Garcia

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  1. Hi, Pat. What a great way to start your week. I love napping, but don’t do enough of it. I like your reminder that the most productive writers take naps. I should make a habit of it. You’ve earned your rest, and so have I.


  2. I love the part about taking a morning nap. Monday starts a new week of watching our Booboo. We do get up early; Jan a full hour before me because of the attention she gives her face. I get my pills ready for the day, read the morning paper, and then find I have an hour to NAP before the little princess arrives. She does wake me with a HARD slap to the stomach which brings me out of my slumber immediately. So begins each day of the week. Thank goodness our daughter doesn’t work weekends. We use that time to sleep in and catch up on errands and other things we like to do. Sunday is football day in the fall.

    1. Hi, Linda,
      Thank you. It has taken years for me to get where I am, and I am not there yet. So, I keep on moving forward, listening, learning, and doing as I am led.
      So keep moving forward.
      Shalom aleichem 🤗👧🏾✌🏾

    1. Pat, I love the phrase you used, “slip slowly into Mondays”! That is the writer in you and a perfect way to describe your thoughts. Giving yourself permission to ” be you” and not compare yourself to others is so important and I sounds like you are doing well in that regard.

      1. Hi, Maura Beth,
        I really don’t know how well I am doing because it is hard for me to judge myself. But my desire is to be authentic, and in order to be authentic, I must allow “me” to make mistakes, to see myself as an individual that is learning how to live while on this journey. I can’t do that when I am comparing myself to others.
        Thank you for dropping in.
        Shalom aleichem 🤗👧🏾✌🏾

  3. Pat, pre-orders? I hope so. It’s in the pipeline, so to speak, but the layout is taking super long because there are 90 illustrations to place. That means photos and original art work. Thanks for asking!

  4. I hope your Monday is going well. Mine is just beginning while you are past the middle of it. What stood out today: “. . . taken a forty minutes nap before I came to my office.” Some of the most productive writers I know, nap each day. Some even twice! 😀

    1. Good Morning, Marian,
      I know people, like myself who take three naps a day. My longest nap is usually before I come to my office. My second nap is a little after four p.m. and when I close my office for the day, which is usually anywhere between 8 and 9 p.m I go upstairs make me a cup of sanddorn tea and take a 15 minute nap before I eat supper.
      Yes, my day started very nicely.
      Have a great day. I look forward to reading your new book. Will it be on pre_order?
      Shalom aleichem

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