DAY 14, JANUARY 15, 2023, A DAY IN MY LIFE…SNIPPETS OF ME By Pat Garcia @pat_garcia @RRBC_ORG @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RWISA #RRBC #RRBC_Community #ADayinMyLife

DAY 14, JANUARY 15, 2023

Today is January 15, the Year 2023, Time 17:55.

My day has been full of joy. I like my Sabbath Sunday because it gives me time to retrospect on who I am becoming. That has nothing to do with vanity but a desire to be authentic with me. If I refuse to face my vulnerabilities, I become a falsity and would tumble at first sight of a storm. Like the man who built his house on sand, when the rain came, his house collapsed, so is it by anyone who refuses to face their true selves. 

Thus, I started my Sunday off with my church family, and afterward, I had coffee in our cafe and sat and listened to the people around me. I also made it a point to greet new people attending our church for the first time. 

Today was special. One of my besties had a birthday last week, and I took her out to dinner after we left the church. We are both extremely busy women. She is a city councilwoman/tax consultant, and I am a writer. To say that we enjoyed our time together is an understatement. We took the time to be authentic with each other. Here are two pictures of us at the restaurant The East. 

  1. I have a letter to write. I had decided to wait until after the Challenge, but my gut is telling me to do it now, which is what I will do. 
  2. Answering emails and text messages, Daily
  3. Attend my writing classes and do my homework,
  4. Catch up on blog comments,
  5.  Do the accounting books for the Romantic Women Fiction Chapter of the RWA.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Shalom aleichem,

Pat Garcia

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  1. So glad you had such a blessed day, Pat! I love how authentic you are, and how you continue to work at it. What beautiful pictures of you and your friend. Good friends are definitely to be treasured, and I’m sure they treasure you as much as you love them.


    1. Hi Patty,
      Thank you. We have to continue to work at it. No one arrives at being fully authentic on earth. We both know that.🤗
      Shalom aleichem

  2. Pat, what a lovely day you had! Your joy and interest in people and life, and in being that “authentic’ person you mentioned, just shines forth from you. I’m glad you had such a renewing day.

    1. Thank you, Maura Beth. My besties are like sisters to me. I only have seven of them. Two of them are married, three have boyfriends or life partners, one just became a widow last year. Her husband died young, and then there is me. And they all keep me busy during the holidays. They give me so much joy that I can’t help but love them.
      Shalom aleichem

  3. You understand the value of attending church and keeping up with friendships. Great photos!
    P.S. You are 1/2 way through the blogging month–brava! 😀

    1. Hi Marian,
      I’m very thankful for my church family. They aren’t perfect but what church is?
      Thank you for coming by.
      Shalom aleichem

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